Contemporary Yoga classes in English rooted in Zen Buddhist wisdom.

Traditional yoga asanas meet the most recent scientific research on mindfulness, anatomy, holistic and biomechanical movements. Balancing effort and ease, pulsing from a pose to another, we increase strength and flexibility in the whole body.

Spinal waves practice, circular and spiral movements together with a good dose of bouncing and shaking the body is a great recipe for a strong health and a curious mind.

The goal is the journey and not the shape!

We explore together soft transitions, creative variations of Yoga asanas and contemporary physical exercises, learning how to move on our breath pace.

Meet yourself where you truly are!

I believe yoga is for everyone, a gift to improve positively our physical and mental state no matter what’s the starting point. Yoga can really contribute to a better world, cultivating awareness of body-mind-breath.

I design sequences with variations for all level and bodies, I support a friendly environment, we learn together how to cultivate a non-judgmental approach, love and kindness toward ourselves and all living and not living beings.