Contemporary Yoga

Online & in person


Traditional Yoga Asanas and Zen-Buddhist wisdom meet the most recent scientific research on Movement, Mindfulness, Anatomy, Biomechanics and Holism.

My name is Martina, as a yoga teacher, movement and meditation instructor, my goal is to offer a more complete, contemporary and functional practice.

I break the linearity and rigidity of the traditional approach supporting instead radical kindness, softness and fluidity.

I include a vast range of movements techniques coming from pilates, functional and mobility training, martial arts, contemporary dance, somatic and Feldenkrais methods and more…

This very personal approach makes my classes and training very different from the standards, various and accessible to everyone.

My empathy and knowledge allow me to understand my client’s needs and support them in the best possible way.

Trust the process…

Practising with me will increase strength and flexibility in the whole body and mind. You will achieve more balance and clarity and feel more motivated, positive and healthy.

I design sequences with variations for all levels and bodies, supporting a friendly and inclusive and non-judgmental environment.

The goal is the journey and not the shape…

We explore together movements in all their shapes, transitioning from one pose to another with more ease and elegance. Moving more functionally to increase health in general. Yoga is not performing but rather experiencing being truly in the present moment.

Meet yourself where you truly are…

I believe yoga is for everyone, a tool to improve positively our physical and mental state no matter what’s the starting point.

Contribute to a better world cultivating more awareness!

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