About me

I am a  yoga and meditation instructor with 550 hours International Yoga Alliance certificate at the Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness Studio.

As a yoga teacher, I’m passionate about movement in all shapes and forms. I dedicate my time and energy to meeting different cultures, and people to stay inspired, open-minded and to keep changing my perspective.

I started practising Parinama Yoga more than 10 years ago in my hometown, Bologna. It is a traditional Hatha Yoga style influenced by the Iyengar method.

My true love of yoga started when I moved to Berlin and got to know inspiring yoga teachers at the Yellow Yoga studio and at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness were I completed my advanced training.

I teach the Dynamic Mindfulness method, which is founded on holistic movement and rooted in Zen (Chan) Buddhist philosophy. Moving from the Hara (the core) and from inner to outer into a “Wave”. The method involves evidence-based movement informed by biomechanical principles on how our bodies move and how our nervous system processes movements. I include in my teaching spinal waves, circular and spiral movements all this accompanied by bouncing and shaking the body to improve the function of our Fascia. This approach to practice can be applied to any yoga tradition and a physical activity providing a more healthy way of moving. 

My teaching style is in constant evolution. takes also inspiration in different yoga and movements traditions and tecniques: Hata, Vinyasa, Parinama, Yin and Restorative, Felenkreis, Body Mind Centering and contemporary dance.

As a yoga teacher, my goal is to offer a more complete and functional practice for contemporary bodies and minds, my practice is based on awareness of body, mind and breath, the balance of effort and ease and a non-judgmental approach. I believe yoga is for everyone and a great support to improve positively your life. I do my best to facilitate this journey for my students by offering variations and a personalised approach to meet everyone where they truly are.