About me

Certified Mindfulness & Yoga instructor with 700+ hours of international trainings and

Massage Therapist

I’m passionate about movement in all shapes and forms and I dedicate my time and energy to study and meeting different movement cultures to stay inspired and open-minded.

My practice is based on radical kindness, softness, awareness of body-mind-breath and the balance of effort and ease, in the asanas and in transitions. I invite the participants to be curious, open-minded and non-judgmental.

As a yoga teacher, my goal is to offer a more complete and functional practice for contemporary bodies and minds.

Among dance, capoeira, thai-box an lots of other sports, I started practising Yoga more than 10 years ago in my hometown Bologna but true love has started when I moved to Berlin in 2013 and met inspiring teachers like Amanda Morelli, Liina Tael, Tatjana Mesar and many more…

I started my first yoga teacher training in 2017 with Tatjana Mesar. This international training allowed me to study with Diana ThielenMatthew RemskiRaphan KebeLorna Neuber and Vera Piechulla. It introduced me to Buddhism and give me the opportunity to learn and practice with David Listen and Žarko Andričević.

My studies continues with a big number of inspiring teachers, first the beautiful souls I have begin my yoga journey with and master teachers such as Bo Forbes Jules Mitchell

In 2022 I have deepen my studies with a Yin Yoga, Fascia and TMC teacher training by Valerie Hartwig and Liina Tael.

My stile…

I teach a very personal approach, routed in the Dynamic Mindfulness method, which is founded on holistic movement and Zen (Chan) Buddhist philosophy.

The method involves evidence-based movement informed by biomechanics principles on how our bodies move and how our nervous system processes movements.

I include spinal waves, circular and spiral movements, bouncing and shaking the body to improve the function of our Fascia. This approach to practice can be applied to any yoga tradition and a physical activity providing a more healthy way of moving.

My teaching style is in constant evolution and it takes inspiration in different yoga and movements traditions and techniques coming from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative, Feldenkreis, Body Mind Centering, Contemporary Dance but also Pilates, Functional and Mobility movements and different Martial Arts practices such as Qi-gong and Tai Chi.

I do my best to facilitate this journey for my clients by offering variations and a personalised approach, meeting everyone where they truly are.