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Join us for a transformative journey towards more balance, satisfaction and joy!

What is your path? What makes you move in life? What is holding you back?

Unlock your potential with us!

An interactive workshop to discover our personality type and overcome stagnation in life.

Marielle and I, invite you on a powerful journey towards the best version of yourself. Learning the wisdom of the Enneagram supported by meditation, movement practice and group activities.

The key is to flow and to find balance among all the types, and the Enneagram is a great tool to learn how. Awareness and knowledge of this model enhance a deep understanding of ourselves and the people we relate to, supporting a more fluid, balanced and, therefore, happier life. If you understand where the behaviour comes from you have the key to making a change in your life.

About Marielle Stolker

Marielle is the founder of Parelss, a life coach and massage therapist based in the Netherlands. She is deeply fascinated by all kinds of people and psychology and loves to help people overcome their fears and find the courage to be themselves. After completing her Coaching Training she finally found the key and the courage to break free. She loves to share her experience and help people achieve their dreams.

Marielle will teach you the basics of the Enneagram, what is it, how it works, how can you use this knowledge and where you are standing. This process will support a deeper understanding of who you are, where you want to go and what is holding you back.

I will be offering breathwork, movement and embodiment techniques to support the learning process.


Saturday 11th from 10:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 12th from 10:00 – 17:00. Both days with 1-hr. lunch break and two tea breaks of 15min.

Heilehaus e.V
Waldemastr. 36, 10999

Investment: 220 EUR

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