“I discovered Martina’s yoga class out of curiosity, and from the first day, I knew that this was a place where I wanted to be every Wednesday after work. Martina is a thoughtful and attentive teacher, she takes the time to look, adjust and guide, making you feel like you belong there, in class and reminding you that this moment should be dedicated to yourself and your body at whichever level it may be. There is always a gentle spiritual dimension to her yoga, that gives a deeper meaning to the entire experience. But this doesn’t mean that her classes are less challenging, on the contrary, the diversity and different intensity that each class has made me want to come back every time, so I can discover something new about myself and my body, and be challenged a bit further every time. I warmly recommend joining her courses at least once, you will definitely be in for a unique and meaningful experience taught by a beautiful soul”.

Ana-Maria (regular student)

“Martina is a warm-hearted teacher who not only creates a great atmosphere in her classes but also leads a well informed, creative and fun yoga classes for all levels. Highly recommended!”

Tatjana Mesar (Yoga teacher and founder of Dynamic Mindfulness)

“Martina’s voice is soft and calm and it transmits awareness and trust. She has a sweet, careful and determinate personality. I warmly recommend her classes in the studio and in the park, she will guide you into a meaningful and beautiful journey. Participate with curiosity and go open-minded! For me her classes are a moment of total peace and inner concetration from the top of my hair to the tip of my toe. I’ve discovered the Mindfulness with her for the first time and I warmly suggest you to try for yourself and see where it will bring you!”

Ruggero (regular student)

“Martina is a passionate yoga teacher! She is fun and dynamic, and her classes flow with movement balancing effort and ease. She adapts the teaching giving variations and supporting her students. There is always time for savasana and a gentle massage…a real bless!”

Stefania (yoga teacher)