Regular classes from Berlin directly to your home!

Due to Covid-19, the regular classes will be offered now online only and available for you from everywhere in the world! You will only need an internet connection and a computer or tablet!

You don’t have a mat at home? No problem, it is not a must.

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All online classes have a duration of 60′ 

Designed with a good combination of zen, yoga, mindfulness, pilates, martial arts, contemporary dance, somatic and Feldenkrais elements. I try to provide a good balance between relaxation, stress relief, mobility, functional movements and strength practice.

Monday evening flow, at 6:30 pm

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Start the week with the right motivation.
Be kind to yourself, practise mindfulness, breath, observe, listen, move gently.

Smooth and creative flow to awaken the whole body increasing mobility, flexibility and strength. This class incorporates elements of different yoga practices, pilates, contemporary dance, martial arts, functional and natural movements techniques.

Suitable for all leves.


Yoga Gentile & Mindfulness in Italiano, tutti i mercoledì alle 18:30

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Un’esperienza per praticanti di tutti i livelli ed età che vogliono imparare a bilanciare il proprio sistema nervoso, muoversi in modo funzionale ed olistico, mediante esercizi che potenziano la mobilità articolare, rendendoci più flessibili e forti.

Una pratica che migliora la concentrazione e contribuisce ad incrementare la nostra motivazione, rivitalizzandoci e rendendoci più presenti, positivi e rilassati.

Lo stile dei movimenti derivano dallo yoga tradizionale di tipo Zen integrato però dalle ultime ricerche scientifiche sulla biomeccanica e fascia. Arricchito inoltre da altre pratiche quali il pilates, le arti marziali, tecniche di esperienza somatica, Feldenkreis, danza contemporanea, ginnastica posturale e diverse tecniche di meditazione.


Mindful Flow & Restore, every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm

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Deeply connect with your inner landscape, on the rhythm of your breath.
Practice Mindfulness in movement and in stillness.
Bring your body, mind, and breath back into their ancestral union. Dedicate time to tune inward and see your true reality. Allowed, to listen carefully what your body has to tell you. Learn how to move in a more sustainable, natural and holistic way, improving, your strength and flexibility through functional and creatives movements linked together on a gentle-flow.
Balance, your nervous system with a restorative practice at the end of the class, experiencing the importance of relaxing and taking a real break from your continuous thinking process and daily worries.
Get so clear and focused to understand what you really need.
Dedicate, your practice to the benefit of all beings.
Suitable for all level, variations will be provided.


Morning Flow & Meditation, every Friday morning at 9:00 am

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Warm-up and energise the body to start your day focused and at ease, with vitality and equanimity.

Awaken the body and spirit in this joyful morning class with a smooth energising flow designed to increase your level of awareness and wellbeing in your daily life.

The end of the class will be dedicated to a short meditation practice in stillness, sitting, laying down or guided meditation (Zazen, Nidra, Body Scan, Love and Kindness…according to the day).

Suitable for all levels.



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If you are in a critical financial situation you are welcome to join for free!