Regular online classes via Zoom – EN/IT

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All classes are designed with a combination of traditional zen practice, contemporary yoga and dance, mindfulness, pilates, martial arts, somatic and Feldenkrais elements. A good balance between relaxation, stress relief, mobility, functional movements and strength practice. Classes duration is 75 min.

All classes can be booked as a 10-sessions course which can be refunded up to 100% from all german public health insurances.

Evening Cuddle – Mo 7 PM

Be kind to yourself, practice mindfulness and move gently. Smooth and creative flow to cuddle yourself after a long day. This class incorporates elements of different yoga practices, somatic movements, contemporary dance, martial arts, functional and natural movements techniques. Suitable for all levels.


Gentle Flow & Mindfulness – Wed 7 PM

Contemporary and innovative, an unconventional practice, out of the “yoga box”. Functional and holistic movements, dynamic and guided meditation. This course will help you balance your nervous system, improving relaxation, concentration, motivation, mobility and strength. You will find yourself more present, positive and relaxed. Suitable for all levels, bodies and ages.


Playful Flow – Thu 6 PM

Give yourself a break! Dedicate some time to play and be with your body as you rest the mind. This class includes different yoga styles elements and movements techniques such as somatic experience, functional and mobility, natural and animal flow, contemporary dance and martial arts. You will feel more joyful and energetic. Suitable for all levels.

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Morning Flow & Meditation -Fri 9 AM

Start your day with joy, get centered, motivated and clear! Guided movements and meditation practice open to all levels.

Gentle, fluid and energising, a course designed to increase awareness and wellbeing in your daily life.

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Pre e postnatal yoga and pilates online (EN/IT)

Small groups or private programs, flexible days and time. Personalised prices. Contact for your request and general info.

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Drop-in, 12€

5 classes card, 55€

10 classes card, 100€

Prevention course, 150*

*Refundable from public health companies (10 sessions)

or contact me for a bank transfer.

Classes are all available on ClassPass. USC is not accepted till further notice!