Regular classes in Berlin!


Midday flow – open level


12:30 – 13:30


Waldemarstr. 36 – Kreuzberg, Berlin

Did you already have a stressful morning and still have a lot of tasks until the end of the day? Do you wish to recharge your energy or simply do something good for you? Wave on Yoga with me, taking an invigorating brake! This is a practice to get grounded and grow, high and strong, toward more awareness of body, mind and breath. Creative sequences and a mindful dynamic approach. Open to all levels, variations and adaptations will be provided.

Single class (depending on your income) 8-15 €  / 10 classes card 80 €
Urban Sport Club and Class Pass members are welcome!

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Yoga gentile & Mindfulness in italiano


18:30 – 19:45

Take Care

Voigtstr. 13 – Friedrichshain, Berlin

Corso settimanale di Yoga e Mindfulness, dedicato al rilassamento.

Un’esperienza per praticanti di tutti i livelli ed età che sentono il bisogno di prendersi una pausa dalla freneticità della citta, del lavoro e della famiglia per dedicarsi alla salute del proprio corpo e mente. Questo significa imparare a bilanciare il proprio sistema nervoso, a muoversi in modo funzionale ed olistico mediante esercizi che non solo miglioreranno il livello di mobilità del corpo rendendolo più flessibile e forte ma renderanno anche la nostra mente più chiara e calma.

Impareremo ad essere davvero presenti in ogni singolo momento (in movimento e non) piuttosto che continuamente proiettati verso il futuro o bloccati nel passato, come purtroppo tendiamo a fare continuamente. Alla fine della lezione vi sentirete rilassati, distesi, leggeri ma allo stesso tempo energizzati.

Lezione singola 15 € / Tessera da 5 lezioni 65 € (valida per 3 mesi) / Tessera da 10 lezioni 130 € (valida per 6 mesi) / Abbonati Class Pass e USC (L-XL) possono partecipare solo con registrazione per email.

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Mindful Flow & Restore – open level


19:00 – 20:30


Friedelstr. 28 – Kreuzberg, Berlin

Deeply connect with your inner landscape, on the rhythm of your own breath. Practice Mindfulness in movement and in stillness. Bring your body, mind and breath back into their natural union, dedicating to yourself time to tune inward and see your true reality. Allowed, to listen carefully what your body has to tell you and learn how to move in a more sustainable, organic and holistic way. Improve, your strength and flexibility through functional and creatives movements linked together on a gentle-flow. Balance, your nervous system with a restorative practice at the end of the class, experiencing the importance of relaxing and taking a real break from your continuous thinking process and daily worries. Get a clear and focused mind to achieve what you really need, learning how to meditate in movement and in stillness.

Single class 12 € /  5 classes card 50 € (valid for 3 months) / Class Pass and USC members

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Morning Flow & Meditation – open level


9:00 – 10:15


Friedelstr. 28 – Kreuzberg, Berlin

Start your day in a good way!

Warm-up and energize the body, leave the class ready to enter your day more focused and relaxed, with vitality and equanimity. Awaken the body and spirit in this joyful morning class with a smooth energizing flow designed to increase your level of awareness and wellbeing to your daily life.

The end of the class will be dedicated to a short meditation practice in stillness, sitting, laying down or guided meditation (Nidra, Body scan, Love and kindness…) according to the day.

Single class 12 € /  5 classes card 50 € (valid for 3 months) / Class Pass and USC members

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