As a yoga teacher, my goal is to offer something different, modern, and complete…

I truly believe it is necessary to adapt the ancient practice of yoga to a contemporary body and mind. Therefore, I introduce functional and evidence-based movements to increase articular mobility and strength with a mindful approach. I brake the linearity of the traditional asanas for more fluidity and ease in the postures and in transition.

In the western world, we tend to focus on our mind and give importance to the body from an aesthetic point of view only. We want to look good, healthy, beautiful and fashionable. This doesn’t always mean to be connected and at peace with ourselves.

Yoga helps us to get in touch with our true self and be fine with it, to recognise where our beliefs come from and if they truly belong to us.

With me, you’ll learn to become independent in your own practice and to introduce it easily in your daily life: at home, at work, in the park, and in public transport.

Regular classes

Regular classes in Berlin and online.

Have a look at the schedule and stay tuned for upcoming new classes!

Private classes

Designed especially for you! 

At your place, at my place, outdoor or online. I will provide you with all necessary equipment.

Small group classes

Practice yoga with your friends or colleagues, book a 10 classes course to share with your people!

Business Yoga courses for companies

and Start-ups

More and more employees and employers have to deal with psychological and physical stress at work as well as at home which can lead to serious problems such as anxiety, depression, burnout and more. Don’t get to this point! Yoga can help you to get more balanced, focused, creative and motivated.

Try a Mindfulness Yoga course at your company!