Yoga for companies

 Sitting in front of the computer the whole day?

Dealing with lots of responsibilities?

High level of stress?

Try with a Mindfulness Yoga course at your company!

More and more employees and employers have to deal with psychological and physical stress at work as well as at home which can lead to serious problems such as anxiety, depression, burnout and more. Don’t get to this point!
Yoga can help you to get more stable, creative, focused and motivated.

I am a certified Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation international instructor with a very contemporary approach. My passion is to teach you a healthy way of moving to integrate into your daily life.

Yoga can teach you about yourself much more than you could even believe. Yoga is not only about moving, it’s a whole
healthy attitude to better deal with our difficulties and limitations and to better enjoy what is already good in our life!

I offer a large range of courses: gentle, dynamic and restorative flows, integrating mindfulness in stillness and in movement. The courses are designed in accordance with your needs, offering variations to meet all the participants where they truly are.

Start a 10-weeks course now!

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